Big Daddy Kane : Ooh

Enquiring minds wanna know, did the champ retire
So here I am, boomin like an amplifier
I clear my throat, then I float like a boat
Note for note, what I wrote you can't quote or even tote
Raps are too heavy, sharp like a machete
Pass the microphone, cause Kane is all ready
Grippin to play the part to prove that I'm in command
The Biggest Daddy of em all, and oh, Kane stands for
King Asiatic, Nobody's Equal
or Non-Equivalent, or Natural Ebony
or Now Effective, or Never Ever
Pick your definition and put it together
Cause it still comes out tastin like chocolate
With the finesse MC's never got with
Cause none of them want me to touch the mic first
They know that it only takes Kane one verse
So here's the microphone, show me what y, Z mikrofibry tworzy się ścierki uniwersalne które nadają się do czyszczenia wszelkiego rodzaju powierzchni. Idealnie sprawdzają się w gosporadstwie domowym.
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